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Are you a landowner considering hiring out your land?

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At Hire Fields our aim is to help landowners and farmers earn additional income from your land by hiring it out for weddings or events. Landowners can earn up to £3000 per weekend for hiring their outside space to event organisers. We will spend time, money and energy promoting your land to potential customers so that you can focus on your main business. This means you don't have to be an internet guru, social media marketing expert or experienced in weddings and events. We will do all the hard work, saving you time and money. 

Field and tractor in Norfolk - Countr Girls Weddings

Targeted advertising in relevant publications

Flyer distribution at wedding shows

Features on popular wedding blogs such as Want That Wedding and Boho Weddings

Social media campaigns and paid for advertising

We are working really hard to spread the word about and we aim to be listed first on Google search results for related search terms such as "Hire a Field" "Hire a Field in Buckinghamshire" etc We don't just rely on Google, our other marketing includes:

Online advertising and SEO optimisation

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How does it work?

We charge £150 for a listing in one county on for one year. You can remove your listing at any time but the £150 is non-refundable. This price also includes all of the extra advertising we will use to promote your site, including (paid for) social media advertising. 

  1. When a customer sends us an enquiry about your land we will pass their details onto you

  2. We usually ask landowners to respond to customers within 2 working days

  3. Most customers will want to arrange a site visit to view your field / outdoor venue. You can arrange this directly with them.

  4. Once you have shown them your land if they would like to proceed you are free to negotiate with the customer and choose whether or not you want to proceed with the booking

Register here

If you would like to list your land please complete the registration form and complete the payment process on our website. As soon as we have received your payment we will review your listing and get it up on the as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. 

If you're not quite sure, or you have further questions please feel free to email us, complete the enquiry form or see our blog posts for landowners which include lots of useful tips. There is also some useful information below for landowners who are new to events. 

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Information for landowners

We try to keep this information as up to date and relevant as possible but please ensure that you check licensing, insurance and health and safety advice before your first event. 


You may need to apply for a licence to hold an event on your land if "licensable activities" are taking place with consideration or a view to a profit. 

Licensable activities include selling alcohol, serving hot food, and live and recorded music (a full list can be found here) so it is highly likely that to host a wedding you will need a licence. If you're not sure, please contact your local County Council who will be able to advise you.

There are two types of license that are relevant to holding an event:

Premises license

Temporary Events Notice (TEN)

The type you require will probably depend on the number of events you plan to have per year. You can apply for up to 5 TENs per year, and a single premises may have up to 15, unless you have a personal licence to sell alcohol in which case you can apply for up to 50 TENs per year. Make sure you apply in good time, some councils like you apply at least 6 weeks in advance of the event, and most will require at least 10 clear working days to process the application. 


If you want to run more regular events than this you would need to apply for a premises licence. A premises license is slightly more complicated and more expensive but would enable you to set up a more permanent venue space which could, for example, include a bar to sell alcohol. 

More information can be found here:

Civil wedding ceremonies (England and Wales)

If you wish to apply to hold civil wedding ceremonies on your premises you will need to apply for a separate licence for this. 

You will need to identify a specific room or rooms where weddings or civil partnerships will take place. The council must be satisfied that the premises are 'seemly and dignified' and that they will be regularly available for marriages or civil partnerships. 

It can take a while to get approval for a licence so don't agree to hold a ceremony until the license has been issued! 

There has been talk of allowing outdoor ceremonies in the UK for some time now, and more recently due to COVID-19 it was widely reported that the government were considering relaxing the rules around outdoor wedding ceremonies in England. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear about any possible changes. 

For more information:

Getting married outside (Scotland and Northern Ireland)

In Scotland and Northern Ireland it is permitted to hold a wedding ceremony just about anywhere as long as long as a minister or celebrant agree and is present. And currently, due to COVID-19, weddings are ONLY allowed to take place outdoors in Scotland. 

More information

If you would like more information about holding your first event including details on, insurance, health and safety and planning for your event please complete our contact us form and we will send your a landowner information pack.

Fields wanted

People are getting in touch with us all the time looking for fields to hire for weddings and events. If you can help with one of these requests please get in touch with us at

UK Wide

Large Event

Looking for a site that can host 6000 guests

Greater Manchester


Looking for an outside space for a fashion shoot. The shoot would be festival content in a field within 1.5 hours drive of Manchester.



I am looking for enough land to create an event for the world cup for 500 people a day for each of the days that England are playing in the group stages.



I am starting a glamping business and I am looking for 2-3 acres of land ideally in Oxfordshire or in the Midlands or South East of England.

Greater London


Looking for a field to hire 24th / 24th June or possibly 2nd July. Please contact us if you have availability.



Hi I would like to hire a field out for my wedding with a marquee



We are looking for a field to hire near Bradford on Avon or Trowbridge


Charity Festival

We are looking for a field to host a charity festival type event. Ideally, Herts, Beds, Bucks, Essex area in June 2023. We would be having entertainment, fundraising and games etc.

West Midlands


We need a space for 25,000 people for a 3 day religious retreat in August or September.


Birthday Party

I'm looking for a field for my partners birthday party. A field that would allow music, glamping and a pop up bar / catering for one night

North Yorkshire


Would like to rent a field in North yorkshire for a music festival for 500-1000 people



Looking for a field for a wedding that can accommodate up to 300 guests with the possibility of staying overnight at the site.


Birthday Party

I'm looking for a 24 hour field hire in Devon for June for a 30th birthday party. Basic party with bbq and campfire.



I'm looking for a field to get married in please. Northumberland or close neighbouring



A June wedding in 2024 with approximately 100 guests. Within a 20 minute drive of Norwich Castle



Looking for a field in Cheshire to hold a music event


Corporate party

Looking for a field in Berkshire or Buckinghamshire for a small corporate party on the 1st / 8th July 2022.



Looking for a field to hire for a festival for approx 250 people from Friday - Sunday



Looking for a barn for a ceremony and then a field for the reception where I can bring in my own marquee.



I'm looking to hire a field near Camden / Enfield to host a festival style event for the 17th July 2020 for 160. Looking to install Tipis, plus covered stage for live band etc.

Is your land suitable for an event?

​If you're thinking about hiring out your land for weddings and events and would like some more information about what's involved? Read on....

  • Is your site attractive and what are its unique selling points? Does it have nice views, an adjacent bluebell wood, wild flower borders, close to a church....?

  • Is your site flat enough for a marquee or tipi to be erected (gentle slopes should be fine)

  • Are there any issues with your site which could prevent an event from taking place e.g. does it get very water logged if the weather is bad (if so you might want to consider only hosting events in the summer months)

  • Is your land situated away from neighbours? If not, you may need to consider what entertainment you can offer without it being a nuisance.  If you are lucky enough not to have close neighbours nearby this increases your options.

  • Can your site be accessed easily by suppliers with large vans (such as caterers and marquee companies) as well as guests

  • Is there an area where guests can park safely away from the main event site? (a field is fine)

  • Is your site safe (or can it be made safe) for guests e.g. no accessible farm machinery?

Once you're satisfied that you're land is suitable, you will need to decide the number of events you would like to do each year. Because of planning restrictions most landowners keep the number of events under 14 per year (assuming a hire period of midday Friday - midday Sunday), which keeps them within the "Temporary change of use" allowance. If you want to do more per year on a field that is currently used as agricultural land you will need to apply to your local council for planning permission. The good news is that lots of councils are supportive of farm diversification so there's a good chance your application will be successful.

What facilities do you need to offer your customers? 

The next step is deciding what you would like to offer customers. This really depends on how many events you plan on doing per year, if it's just a handful then to keep your workload to a minimum feel free to keep things simple. And remember if you offer additional services you can increase your hire more...