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Weather-proof your outdoor wedding
If you're planning an outdoor wedding in the UK you definitely need to be prepared for nearly all weather conditions! Have a read of our top tips for preparing your venue to cope with all types of weather.
Image by Joel Overbeck

1. Don't plan on sunshine - even in the height of summer! Assume it's going to rain and plan accordingly so that you're not disappointed. For example, make sure there's enough covered space for your guests to mingle comfortably without getting wet.


2. Hard floors in marquees are better as matting can get water logged or soft if you have heavy rain - making it particularly difficult to walk in high heels.


3. Check with the landowner before you hire the site that the area is well drained and suitable for heavy trucks to turn etc without getting stuck.


4. If rain is forecast it's a good idea to encourage guests to bring a change of shoes, provide extra umbrellas and even wellies.


5. Don't be too disappointed if it's rainy or cloudy on your big day, not only is rain on your wedding day supposed to bring good luck but many photographers prefer the softer light so at least you will have stunning photos to look back on.


6. Make sure the route to the loos / other amenities has some matting or hard flooring so that your guests don't sink on their way to relieve themselves!


7. Although it is prudent to assume it's going to rain, don't forget we can have hot weather too! Make sure you provide shade for your guests, if there aren't any trees consider a few gazebos or large umbrellas. And make sure there's plenty of water on offer, especially if there are children.


8. Even if you're holding your event in the Summer months it might be worth considering hiring heaters for the marquee or tipi as even summer evenings can be chilly, particularly early in the season. 


9. If you're brave enough to have a winter outdoor wedding make friends with a farmer - their tractors might be invaluable in transporting you and your guests between your ceremony and reception if you should get snow or very icy conditions.  


10. If the weather is inclement on your big day - why not bring the outdoors inside with plants and other outdoor decorations? If your marquee is big enough outdoor games such as a coconut shy can still work indoors. 


11. If you do have smokers attending it's probably a good idea to provide a covered smoking area so that they're not tempted to smoke inside the marquee or tipi.  


12. Finally, make sure your wedding outfit is suitable for the likely weather conditions. It's worth investing in a pashmina, shrug or shawl you can put round your shoulders should it be chilly, and if you're getting married in the summer it's advisable not to choose a very heavy dress with 100s of layers as you may end up feeling a little stifled and unable to move comfortably.



Good luck!


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