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Considering hiring your land for weddings or events?
We asked a representative from marquee firm The Pearl Tent Company what makes a site ideal to host weddings and events?
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Flat ground – Although marquee companies can work on an undulating plot, it is always nice to have a good flat section in which to locate the marquee and catering tents.  This makes it much easier and safer for everyone.


Well drained – If your customers want to erect marquees, tents or tipis then the ground will need to be suitable enough to safely use stakes and tent pegs. Ideally, the ground should not be waterlogged so if it does tend to get muddy then consider hosting weddings and events in the drier, summer months i.e. May to September.


Access – This is important, in some cases 7.5-ton trucks will need to access the event site so clearly signposted access is a must. 


A good view – A view is essential, if the site has a view of woodland, rolling hills, the ocean – these will all be attractive to potential customers. Hills and trees can provide shelter so the site is not too exposed which is especially useful in inclement weather.


Stream/brook – Not essential but it is really nice to have a natural stream or a brook near the site.


Spacious – The site does not have to be extensive but it does need to have enough room to accommodate your suppliers and ideally provide a separate area for parking and another for camping. 


Established trees – Old Oak / Ash trees are a plus as they provide good lighting opportunities. Trees are also good to attach drapes to and other outdoor lighting such as festoon lighting.


Woodland – Again these provide good lighting opportunities and more and more landowners are using their woodland in addition to their fields for hand tying ceremonies or for attractive paths to walk through.



If you believe your land would make an ideal site for weddings and events and would like us to consider listing your site on please click here.



Thanks to: The Pearl Tent Company

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