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How to make more money from your land
Top 10 ways farmers make additional income from their land
Image by Federico Respini

According to the Farm Business Survey 61% of all farm businesses had some sort of diversification in 2014/2015.


At Hire a Field we believe that hiring out your land for events is a great way to start diversifying as it requires minimal upfront investment. If you're thinking about hiring out your field / meadow / woodland Hire a Field is committed to supporting farmers diversify by providing a platform for them to advertise and promote their fields without investing too much time.


We know that not everyone wants to hire out their land for events, (you might be using it all!) but if you're looking for other ways to diversify we've listed the top 10 ways to make money from your land to give you some inspiration:


1. Holiday lets - use that lovely empty cottage to offer a home from home

2. Empty farm buildings can be converted into space to hire for corporate meetings or office space

3. Cut out the middleman by opening your own farm shop or cafe. Expand your farm business, benefit from selling your food directly to customers and enjoy bigger profit margins

4. Catering for events - hog roasts are still a very popular way of feeding large numbers of people at events. With lots of local point to points, farmers markets, country fairs and of course weddings - there's bound to be events near to you that would love to have locally produced food

5. Save money, improve your green credentials and make the most of government subsidies by producing renewable energy. Wind, solar and anaerobic digestion are all popular options.

6. Continuing with the green theme over the last few years there has been a big surge in green burials. Do you have a secluded area of land that you could use?

7. Another option for unused barns is to convert them into a soft play barn for children. You can also offer farm tours, tractor rides, school visits and animal viewing. 

8. Mans best friend the dog can be more than a farm helper, use spare barns, paddocks etc to set up a dog kennel business.

9. Camping fields are a great way to earn extra income - from wilderness camping where campers show up, pitch a tent and get back to nature to glamping in yurts and bell tents camping will always be popular.

10. On-farm cookery school - do you know an excellent local chef who would be willing to teach people cookery using your delicious locally produced food? Masterchef he we come!


If you would like to hire out your land for events please do get in touch at or complete the registration form which can be found here

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