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If you're planning to rent a field for your wedding it's likely that you'll be looking for some catering for your guests. The beauty of an outdoor wedding is that you can choose pretty much any type of caterers to suit the style of your wedding. Catering options you can enjoy include; traditional canapés and a sit down three course meal, an outdoor spit roast, afternoon tea and pimms or a relaxed BBQ. 

Most caterers are extremely self sufficient and are used to providing their services in marquees and outdoor settings. If you are using a caterer to provide a more traditional sit down meal it is likely that you will need to provide them with a catering tent on the side / back of your marquee / tipi so remember to talk to your caterers before you confirm the marquee design. 


For a more relaxed feel why not have a traditional spit roast? Our friends at Butcherland Lamb Roasts specialise in cooking whole organic lamb beside a log fire to give a very unique flavour. Their lamb roast is slow cooked and continuously basted for at least five hours giving a mouth-watering aroma and a taste to die for. Their requirements are very low maintenance and they're completely used to working outdoors!


Here's everything they need to provide succulent mouth watering organic lamb for 65 guests:

  • A space of 5 foot square for the fire plus a safe space around it (i.e. not directly under a tree)

  • A covered area for carving the meat in case of inclement weather

  • Electricity supply

  • Water available

  • Space to park a 4X4 and trailer preferably close to the cooking site

They provide all the other bits to cook this delicious meat including:

  • 1 cubic metre of dry split wood (they only use sustainable wood)

  • 1 newspaper

  • lighter

  • 1 whole lamb (serves 65 people)

  • 1 spit

  • 2 fire dogs (these hold the spit)

  • 1 litre of sunflower oil! Keeps it lovely and moist

  • 1 ladle

  • Carving knife and fork

Butcherland lamb roasts provide their services across West Sussex, for more

information they can be contacted at:


tel: 01403 820016

mob: 07773 045374

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