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Getting ready to host your first event
Prepare your field or land ready for customers to hire
Fairytale Wedding
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If you're thinking about hiring out your land for weddings and events and would like some more information about what's involved? Read on....


At Hire Fields we have lots of experience planning for weddings and helping landowners prepare. If you've never hosted an event before it might seem daunting and you may feel you can't compete with landowners who have been working in the event industry for many years. Actually all you need is a suitable site and little bit of time and we can help you with the rest. 


Is your land suitable to host an event?

I'm a blog for LANDOWNERS

  • Is your site attractive and what are its unique selling points? Does it have nice views, an adjacent bluebell wood, wild flower borders, close to a church....?

  • Is your site flat enough for a marquee or tipi to be erected (gentle slopes should be fine)

  • Are there any issues with your site which could prevent an event from taking place e.g. does it get very water logged if the weather is bad (if so you might want to consider only hosting events in the summer months)

  • Is your land situated away from neighbours? If not, you may need to consider what entertainment you can offer without it being a nuisance.  If you are lucky enough not to have close neighbours nearby this increases your options.

  • Can your site be accessed easily by suppliers with large vans (such as caterers and marquee companies) as well as guests

  • Is there an area where guests can park safely away from the main event site? (a field is fine)

  • Is your site safe (or can it be made safe) for guests e.g. no accessible farm machinery?

Wedding Cake
Wedding Day

Once you're satisfied that you're land is suitable, you will need to decide the number of events you would like to do each year. Because of planning restrictions most landowners keep the number of events under 14 per year (assuming a hire period of midday Friday - midday Sunday), which keeps them within the "Temporary change of use" allowance. If you want to do more per year on a field that is currently used as agricultural land you will need to apply to your local council for planning permission. The good news is that lots of councils are supportive of farm diversification so there's a good chance your application will be successful.

What facilities do you need to offer your customers? 

The next step is deciding what you would like to offer customers. This really depends on how many events you plan on doing per year, if it's just a handful then to keep your workload to a minimum feel free to keep things simple. And remember if you offer additional services you can increase your hire fee.


Outdoor Wedding Photography
Outdoor Wedding Photography
Bride & Groom in the Meadow

If you would like to hire out your land or field or would like some more information please:

Finally - good luck! We wish you lots of success when you decide to hire your field for an event.


  1. Make sure you have a signed hire contract with the customer.

  2. If a licence is needed (if your customers are selling alcohol or providing certain types of entertainment) then please check they have contacted your local authority and applied for a TEN (Temporary Event Notice) if needed.

  3. Check your site is safe and accessible.  If there is to be a generator onsite check it will be sized and installed by a certified electrician. Some marquee and catering companies will provide the generator/s and the necessary cabling for the whole event site. 

  4. Welcome suppliers and direct them to the event space (unless it's very clearly signposted)

  5. Check the music is switched off at the agreed time

  6. Make sure customers and suppliers clear up the site (if that is what has been agreed in your contract)


Nice to-do's

  1. Hire a skip to make clean up easier

  2. Provide water, electricity and/or toilets

  3. Provide space for basic camping

  4. Provide a few little extras such as hay bales for outdoor seating. 


Extra to-do's

  1. Provide a parking attendant

  2. Offer an event management, wedding planning and/or wedding design service

  3. Create an event plan

  4. Provide glamping or camping pods

  5. Provide catering - hog roasts are very popular!

  6. Help set up and decorate site

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